Disabilities Summit Council



Working Together, Growing Together, Winning Together.........Taking it to the Summit!



The Disabilities Summit Council is composed of representatives from some agencies who discuss, merge and implement dynamic strategies for improving workforce relations between employers and people with disabilities. Meeting held on the fourth Friday of each month, please come join us.



Please come join us.......

Whether it's discussing mock interview sessions between employers and persons with disabilities, or executing solutions to improve area transportation challenges, the Council aims to impact the lives of persons and business entities across the board.  The Council serves as a consolidating body of people, agencies, and resources working towards enhancing employment and transportation opportunities in Northwest Florida.  Come see for yourself just what the Council can do for you.

Mr. Warren Jernigan,

Founder and Chairman                                     Disability Summit Council - 9th Annual National Disability Awareness Month Luncheon

Florida State District  1 Representative,

Honorable r. Clay Ingham - Master of Ceremonies for the 9th Annual National Disability Luncheon located at the Scenic Hills Country Club.

Mr. Joe Schiller, Assistance States Attorney.

Honorable Sherri Myers, Pensacola City Council, District 2 - Rebecca Hale, Executive Director, Escambia - Pensacola Human Relations Commission.

Debbie and Hannah Stanwood, Soloist for the National Anthem, Student, Hobbs Middle School

DSC - Disabilities Summit Council